Jason & Katie's Rustic Barn Wedding / by Jay Schubert

Old barns can be beautiful spots for rustic ceremonies

An old red barn at the Kalyx center for Sustainability in Monticello, Illinois was the site that Katie and Jason chose for their ceremony.  

The couple made smart, sparing use of white Christmas lights to decorate the barn. Strings of lights turn out great in photos shot with shallow depth of field.  Their amber incandescent glow adds warmth and a flattering color quality to photos.

The distressed exterior of a barn can also offer a great background texture and color for group photos.

a few strings of white lights is an inexpensive way to really warm up your wedding space

The amber glow from strings of lights does great things for people's skin tones

Personalized place settings create an experience your guests will never forget

The distressed exterior texture of a barn makes a memorable backdrop for photos