SuperNova Photography is Jay Schubert and Suzanne Linder.  Recently relocated to Golden, Colorado and available to travel anywhere for your event. Jay is the lead photographer and Suzanne keeps things organized.

Here's what Jay has to say: My love of photography began in 2010 when a friend suggested trying a 50mm art lens on our family's digital SLR camera. That lens, which allowed for shallow depth of field photos sparked my curiosity about what sets a good photo of a person apart from an amazing one.

I believe that every photograph presents a unique challenge to capture light in a beautiful way.  This mindset means that I never stop learning and every click of the shutter represents another step in this creative process.

Several hundred thousand clicks later, I continue to lose myself in the process of photography whether I'm photographing insects, buildings or people.  My love for photography and capturing the emotion of a moment or the particular mood of a scene has given me the opportunity to practice photography in a wide variety of settings.

When people are relaxed they make better photo subjects.  I believe there is just as much art in being a passive part of a scene as there is in composing an interesting shot.

My favorite photos are candid shots of people at play, doing what they love and are passionate about.  Whether it is your wedding day, at a sporting event or in your professional setting, I am honored that you are considering inviting me to help tell your story.

I am committed to honesty and equity.  As your photographer I want only to create amazing photos that you will be excited to share. I believe that everyone should be able to afford great photography occasionally, regardless of their financial situation. I offer sliding scale rates based on what you can afford and am often able to waive fees for organizations focused on social justice.

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SuperNova photography is Jay Schubert and Suzanne Linder

SuperNova photography is Jay Schubert and Suzanne Linder


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Jay Schubert & Suzanne Linder
SuperNova Photography